Shout outs to the people at Smokin’ Wheels for bringing us on board for this project and giving us the opportunity to spearhead this event!

Hafadaze.com was created with readers in mind. We’ve modeled ourselves after big car blogs and localized it to give you the throw-down on the current car culture here on Guam. You’ll find articles on featured vehicles that you may or have yet to see strolling through the streets of the island. The car scene has been around for a while and it’s getting bigger every day. We’re here to play that scene for you and the rest of the world. The world….

Just cars? No way fro! We got the latest scoop (of rice) on food for you too! If you’ve ever wondered how that one restaurant in Yigo is, or where that restaurant in Tamuning is at, we got you. Stay tuned and we promise hot off the bbq grill “BOKA” reviews that will help you decide where to eat next!

Forget what you heard from your co-worker, we’re gonna tell you what’s going down on Guam. Whether it be an [Insert Artist] concert or a yard sale with the most amazing deals (unless we buy everything — then we’ll just brag about what we got.) you are going to know because we are going to tell you. For now, just tell everyone about Hafadaze.com, it’s probably the hottest thing going on for Guam as we speak!

Boy, don’t let your mama tell you how to live your life, let Hafadaze.com tell you. First of all the trend nowadays is to add Hafadaze.com to your favorites bar! We’ll cover everything from the hottest bars and clubs, we’ll share perspectives on news and current events, and we’ll even cover what to cover your feet with (zories nai!)

From the whole team at Hafadaze.com we welcome you to our website that we built for you. Si yu’us ma’asi!

Visit our website at: www.hafadaze.com

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